Support sharing

Support sharing —

here I will have a support page for everyone experiencing life’s glipsiccles, and for their carers, helpers and supporters.  By glipsiccles I mean the serious stuff that you may feel others do not understand.  You can speak it here. I welcome folk living with Autism, Spina Bifida, Bi-Polar, HIV, Depression, Old Age, Debilitating stuff, Frustration, Carers — everything that may be considered glipsiccle, (please add your own glipsiccle to my list) and I welcome your help groups. Let’s open a sharing, helpful, healing conversation and find the support available.

This is your place to share your feelings and speak from your experience. Share your worries, and please share your helpful tools so I can add them here. Be well, live well. Stress not. You are not alone.

This could be a place to find support. I will try to find it for you.  Feel the love xxx







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