Helpful Tools

Helpful Tools are to me what many people refer to as ‘alternative therapy’.  Personally, I consider that they are not ‘alternative therapies’ — but are actually Helpful Tools which are to be used as and when required.  They can be used alongside main-stream medicine (with your doctor’s approval if you are receiving treatment).  These tools are akin to fertilizer.  Fertilizer for mind, body and spirit.  They can also nourish the soul.

When you choose to plant new seeds to progress, calm and grow your life, try using the Helpful Tools to find one that appeals to you.  You will probably be drawn to more than one.  Still your mind and body first. Then nurture your life seeds through using your chosen tool.

Well planted and nurtured seeds do grow, flower and can be beneficially harvested as a fulfilled way of life, thinking and being.

Give it a go – plant some seeds right now, find your Helpful Tool.

My tool of the month is EFT (Tapping) – follow this link to get the basic idea



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