As humans we are naturally creative, just take a look at everything around you.  We create gardens, paintings, homes, meals, even our lives.  Getting dressed is a creative process, especially when dressing for an occasion!  But sometimes we suppress our innate creativity, maybe even convincing ourselves that we do not have an ounce of creativity within us.  Yes, everyone can create a painting or colour-in a picture and the time spent doing it is time away from worry and concern.  So finding time to be creative is both calming and healing.  Doodling can be an excellent place to start, then colour in your doodle.  The result will be a creation uniquely yours and far better than my ‘happy’ doodle shown here.

Or take it further – find a class or course that appeals to you and step into a different reality for a while.

CarvingSpend time searching for the piece of wood, stone or chalk that 'shows' you the form it could be. It might be a perfect sculpture just as it is!
Cooking, bakingespecially if you knead, mix or stir ingredients by hand.
GardeningGrow plants in tubs or pots if outdoor space is limited.
KnittingAn incredibly soothing activity
MusicRecord some random humming or sounds - they could build up to become a piece of music or song. Fun to try!
Painting, drawing
Stop and stare — allow yourself to REALLY look at something simple like a leaf
Papier-mâché A wonderfully messy method of creating just about anything.
WritingJournals are a great way to start and can also lead to self-discovery

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