Colour is extremely important in our lives. Even though we may not be consciously aware, colour affects us very deeply at all levels.  Some colours raise energy and mood — while others lower them.

It is well worth taking some to time to discover how different colours affect us and then use this knowledge to improve our wellbeing.

Colour is all around us, we wear it next to our skin too, thus absorbing the chosen colour energy.  Learn how to use colour and brighten your life.


RedStimulates the heart, raises blood pressure, can cause hyperactivity - an antidote to lethargy and inertia.
OrangeOrange is an antidote to depression and loneliness, helps release emotions.
YellowYellow brightens the mood, gives confidence and increases energy.
GreenGreen is calming, relaxing, relieves tension and stress.
Sky BlueBlue is calming, anti-inflammatory and can make you feel centred, relaxed and serene. It is known to help lower blood pressure, clear the mind and help steady one's breathing. It soothes the whole system.
IndigoIndigo is soothing, calming and good for the mind.
VioletViolet calms body and mind, relaxing.

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