By crikey! Find a safe haven

All I can say is that it’s been a fascinating day… maybe I should say no more, but it has been a huge learning process for me and the greatest lesson was given by a runaway tortoise that arrived at my home. My neighbours found it on the road.  We are none of us tortoise keepers…

Such a mystery as to how it arrived.  I took it in and placed it under a mesh ‘cage’ on the grass in my garden with water and dandelions.  Poor tortoise was manic, trying to escape.

When I brought it in at eventide and popped it in a basket filled with shredded paper it totally relaxed and fell instantly asleep – I thought it had died as it went so immediately still — so I tickled a foot just to check.

How could I have been so stupid as to not realise that the First Aid you give to any renegade tortoise (including our own renegade selves and minds) is security.  A safe place to relax, rest and recover.

I have learned that this tortoise has been on the run for a week, but it has a home to return to and I believe someone will collect it tomorrow.

I also accept that as Tortoise has entered my life, albeit briefly, I have to accept his message as a totem animal, and as far I can work out he brings long life.  Ho hum.  I’m not exactly pining for that… here we go Tortoise

Remember to check out the totem or symbolism of any animal or bird that demands your attention. They come to you for a reason.

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