The coffee cup debate

The coffee cup debate! This isn’t rocket science…

If all the coffee shops stop using the non-recyclable takeaway paper/ plastic cups they use for selling coffee and other hot drinks the disposal problem will totally go away. And your coffee drinking and life experience will be far better.

But I guess it is far cheaper for cafes to boot you out on the street. They now have you trained to drink and absorb your caffeine on the run, just like any addict being served by their dealer. Coffee sellers don’t want to pay staff, neither do they wish to buy decent crockery, cup and mug washing machines or make your coffee drinking experience in anyway interesting or pleasurable.  They have no desire to give any type of service, they want your money and your addiction. I suggest you think about it. What real value do you get from your paper-cup coffee drinking habit?  Not a lot methinks…

In the golden-olden days coffee shops were places where people sat, enjoyed their drinks and exchanged ideas.

As we know, stress is a huge killer — what can be more stressful than a stressed person grabbing a portable cup of caffeine and galloping down the road with it, on their own?  If you want a coffee, take time, sit down and really enjoy it from a lovely china cup or mug with a friend or colleague. Coffee is to be sipped, savoured and shared, talked over, ideas discussed. Not mainlined like a junkie on the run!

The blame for all of our rubbish seems to be on the businesses that demand and use these cups, but in reality the demand is really created by the consumer (you/me?) who are so sad that we have no time to sit down and enjoy our coffee. We are prepared to accept less than the best experiences. We may well destroy the planet with our unnecessary and selfishly idle rubbish, it is our choice.  Please be aware of how our habits and the items we use daily affect the planet and future generations.

Accept the knowledge that you alone can change the life you live  and by doing so you improve your own life and the lives of future generations. One simple way is to enjoy your coffee and savour it mindfully, from a proper cup or mug. By doing so you can help the planet and make a cleaner world for your children and their children too.

It really is time to see the light in all that we do.  The little things all add up. xxx

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