Be gone foul worry

Life is not always easy.  We become bogged down with so much stuff — worry about our health, wealth, family, friends, pets…  These are just a very few of the things which give rise to our concerns.  I am sure you can add to this list.

However — we get absolutely nowhere by worrying, it serves no purpose other than to set our heads in a spin, disrupt our sleep and eventually make us physically ill.

Now is the time to find the tool which empties the mind of all that useless worry rubbish. It won’t go unless we give it a hefty shove. Clearing the head creates space for the positive solutions to plant themselves in our minds and grow into healthy, positive ways forward.

Declutter your mind, give it a go — find your helpful tool. You may notice that headaches, digestion and back pains improve once you start evicting worthless worry and other situations improve too.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Tapping, Creative activities, Exercise, Gazing blankly into space — virtually anything that disengages that madly spinning mind. And breathe slowly, breathe deeply.

Be gone foul worry! You serve me no purpose at all.

You really can shove worry out and the more you hone your favoured technique the easier it becomes.



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