Aims – Feel Well

As I begin to create this website, I realise how huge an undertaking this project is.  However, I do come to it from many years and lives of experience with different therapies and healing methods. I have no official medical training or knowledge at all. I am ignorant of all medical practice, but I do have a little knowing of the unseen energies within and around us all, energies which are healing and potentially life transforming. And I know that we all want to feel and be well.

I am edgy about the word ‘alternative therapy’ which is now so often used.  So many of the so called ‘alternative’ mending processes are exceedingly ancient and proven.  Why should they be considered alternative? We are here, now!  We have survived and nurtured our human beingness for thousands of years!  They are not ‘alternative’ — I choose to call them Helpful Tools. Which is exactly what they are.

Somehow we have survived and flourished through the so called prehistoric times and dark ages to be where we are at this time. Modern doctors themselves have evolved from this past knowledge, and through the learning of the herbalists and healers. All new medicines are developed from past learning and have been enhanced and ‘improved’ by experimentation. Medicines have developed way beyond their origins and become big business.

My belief is that to continue to thrive, personally, as families and as a people, we need to revisit our roots whenever we feel the need, and here I mean the need that a modern doctor or hospital is, in your mind, not addressing. For instance, stress cannot be cured by any drug. Drugs can dull the stress, but they cannot cure it.  Only life changes cure stress — or a whole new way of thinking and being.  You can keep your lifestyle, work and family thriving in a happy and contented way, and with much less stress when you find the tool that suits you.  I hope you find it in the options here.  This is what I wish to help you achieve.

I do strongly specify that you must always visit your doctor whenever you have a problem.  But if you are attracted to any of the Helpful Tools listed on this site, please discuss the potential of using it with your Doctor, consulting all the time.

We are each and everyone of us totally unique and must respect ourselves as such. And we all deserve to feel and be well.

If you are attracted to something in the Directory, check it out and learn as much as you can about it – use it if it appeals to you.  Search for more on the internet, it is a marvelous tool.

If something repels you don’t go near it.  It is not for you.

Always follow your instinct



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